Len Rome’s Local Health: The power of positive thinking


It could drastically decrease the risk of heart-related illnesses

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Especially in times of crisis, stay positive; it’s good for your heart.

Research shows that the power of positive thinking is one of the great, neglected benefits we can give ourselves.

Negative feelings erupt when we face too much stress. When someone is super stressed out, blood flow to the heart actually decreases.

Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease, Mayo Clinic said, “It’s the fight-or-flight response, you know, that you either see something that’s going to endanger you and you fight it, or your run like crazy to get away from it.”

You can reduce your risk of heart-related illnesses by being more optimistic and reducing stress.

You could do this by thinking of three things you’re grateful for before going to bed or when you get up.

In one study, 7,000 patients practiced the glass half full of water approach for five years, and their risk of heart attack, stroke and dying went way down.

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