Len Rome’s Local Health: The downsides of overeating


Peppermint oil or caraway oil may help with that bloated feeling

(WYTV) – Everyone overeats from time to time, but have you ever put yourself into a food coma? What do you do to avoid that digestive misery?

Doctors warn people not to lie down immediately after eating. Give yourself three to four hours for your stomach to start digesting the food.

Rather, try getting up and moving around.

“Going for a walk may help to stimulate things to move through, so doing a walk for 20 minutes, half an hour may help. Vigorous exercise may exacerbate reflux, too much pressure forcing all of that up, so keep it moderate but a moderate walk is certainly good,” said Dr. Scott Gabbard from the Cleveland Clinic.

When it comes to overeating, the two most common complaints are heartburn and feeling bloated. For people who frequently have heartburn, over-the-counter medications that neutralize stomach acid or prevent its formation should be fine.

Peppermint oil or caraway oil may help with that bloated feeling.

Drinking water may help improve digestion, but don’t drink too much if you’re already feeling overly-full. Carbonated drinks will just bloat you, so avoid those too.

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