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Len Rome’s Local Health: The best diet for obese/overweight children


(WYTV)- If you have a child who is seriously overweight, obese, is there a “best” diet that will help your child lose weight?

The Cleveland Clinic tested three.

Maybe you’d like to try one in the new year. In the study, the children didn’t have to be perfect in the way they ate. They may have followed these diets only half the time, but families still saw changes.

“We studied 9 to 18 year olds who were at the greater than 95th percentile for their body mass index, which is the definition of obesity. So we studied them and one of their parents and randomly assigned them to one of three healthy eating patterns, either the Mediterranean diet, the American Heart Association diet or a plant based diet,” said Dr. Michael Macknin.

All three of the diets had similar results when it came to improving a child’s health. Weight dropped, so did blood pressure and cholesterol and glucose levels and the risk of heart disease.

The diets are simple: fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy protein, and not a lot of red meat.

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