(WYTV)- You may have heard about this health debate.

Is there a connection between soy and breast cancer?

Let’s clear it up this morning.

Many people eat soy products and enjoy them such as tofu and soy nuts, and some have warned about eating too much soy. It’s a plant-based protein and the experts who’ve studied it say there is no danger.

“For years, I’ve been trying to dispel the myth about soy and breast cancer. and it seems that the message still isn’t out because almost every day, every patient I see is worried about consuming soy products,” said Dr. Dawn Mussallem of the Mayo Clinic.

How did this start? Soy is packed with isoflavones, which are plant
estrogens, and too much estrogen can increase the risk of cancer. But soy doesn’t contain high enough levels of estrogen to increase those chances.

They may actually help to suppress tumors. Doctors say eating soy after a breast cancer diagnosis is not only a good way to get a plant-based protein, but it also improves your breast cancer outcomes.

Eating soy in moderation, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts, can be beneficial in preventing and surviving breast cancer.