Len Rome’s Local Health: Slowing the spread of coronavirus


It's an important part of avoiding community spread of any contagious illness

(WYTV) – Time to stay at home as much as possible. Avoiding crowds or crowded places, we should be able to stop the coronavirus.

Infectious disease experts are working on developing a vaccine for the virus. The hope is that someday soon we can take steps to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, just as we use the flu vaccine today.

“We will be able to have a vaccine – that will be, in the future, the best way to prevent illness, and that compared to necessarily saying keep everyone away from everyone, avoiding social circumstances, concerts, and other places where there are large congregations of people,” said Dr. Matthew Faiman from The Cleveland Clinic.

Until that day, let’s keep our distance when we do step outside. It’s an important part of avoiding community spread of any contagious illness.

It’s not always clear if you’re near someone if he or she is coming down with something or just getting over it.

For people who are at a higher risk, older people or those with compromised immune systems, some retailers have shopping hours for them only, but maybe having a family member or friend help get the things they need is the ideal situation.

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