(WYTV)- A recent Cleveland Clinic study found that people with certain sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are just unlucky when it comes to the coronavirus.

They have a tougher time handling it. They go to the hospital more often and they’ve been dying more often.


The researchers say it could be due to the lack of oxygen during sleep. Hypoxia means your body’s tissues aren’t getting enough oxygen.

“We also don’t know if treating the sleep apnea, which theoretically should address the hypoxia, we don’t know the degree to which it was addressing the hypoxia. So if there was some residual hypoxia there or oxygen lowering, then that may be contributing to poorer COVID-19 outcomes,” said Dr. Reena Mehra of the Cleveland Clinic.

While those with sleep apnea, or those who inhaled less oxygen while sleeping, did have more severe outcomes with COVID, they were not at a higher risk for catching the virus.