(WYTV)- Winter weather, just look at your hands, what are those cold temperatures doing to them?

All those dry, little cracks, ouch.

That lack of moisture can really affect your skin, the body’s largest organ. A dermatologist said those cracks are the wounds in our annual battle with dry winter air.

“When the temperature drops, the humidity tends to drop with it. and, so, naturally your skin dehydrates and starts to become very dry,” said Dr. Dawn Davis of the Mayo Clinic.

Our hands are especially vulnerable to cracks and cuts that can put you at risk for infection. Dress warmly to help slow, delay or prevent evaporation off the skin surface.

Or you can try one of three categories of moisturizers: ointments, which contain oil; creams, which have oil and water; and lotions, which are generally water-based.

Once skin improves, rubbing in a cream or lotion, may provide enough moisture to prevent any more problems.

Remember, these products only last for a few hours at most. So you really need to hydrate and moisturize at minimum two to three times a day, and if your skin is extremely raw, you may want to start with ointments.