(WYTV) – Pilots use simulators to practice and prepare for real-life flight scenarios and surgeons can do the same thing now with simulators to prepare for serious and complex surgeries.

Any good actor will tell you the more you rehearse, the better you perform. It’s no different with neurosurgeons.

We can now take the digital data of a patient’s MRI or CT scan and create a 3-D-printed model so the surgical team can practice what it will do when it really goes in.

“We can actually, with our heads-up displays and with our goggles, walk around the model, walk around the aneurysm, get inside it, a 3-dimensional feel of what we’re up against,” said Dr. Bernard Bendok.

The surgeons can go beyond this, they can cast a model with plastics and materials that replicate blood vessels. They can take that cast and put catheters into it. It’s very much similar to putting it into a human.

This incredible state-of-the-art technology is transforming medicine and ultimately providing better care for patients.