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A new study finds that exercise in old age is more beneficial than once thought.

(WYTV) – Exercise is a very good thing, but for older people, could high intensity exercise do more harm than good?

The Cleveland Clinic looked into this and it studied 178 people over the age of 50 taking part in the world senior games. The doctors found that high level exercise actually improves seniors’ hearts.

Dr. Chete Eze-Nliam of the Cleveland Clinic says, “We were able to find that in people who performed exercise – the high intensity exercise – that it actually preserved the filling-function of the heart, more than it did in people who had moderate-intensity exercise or lower-intensity exercise.”

The researchers performed echo-cardiograms on the seniors to measure heart function. The more exercise, the better it was for their hearts.

We shouldn’t have doubts about whether exercise is beneficial for older adults.

The more you do, the more you can do. Exercise helps the heart at any age – and as long as your doctor says it’s okay – it’s never too late to start.

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