Len Rome’s Local Health: Second Hand Smoke


Are you talking to your kids about smoking?

(WYTV) – Parents are usually pretty good at teaching their kids about the dangers of smoking, even if they do smoke themselves.

However, what about secondhand smoke?

A study in the Journal of Preventive Medicine says a third of students from sixth grade up to high school seniors are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke.

It happens at home or in cars when their friends smoke.

If kids are being exposed to cigarette smoke at a young age, no good can come of it.

Dr. Humberto Choi of The Cleveland Clinic says, “We actually see that secondhand exposure is associated with increased risk of lung disease and heart disease – it’s not as high as if you smoked cigarettes yourself – but there’s definitely a risk compared to if you did not have that kind of exposure at all.”

Cigarette smoke gets into your clothing and onto your furniture and the effects of smoke can linger for everyone in the home who is exposed to it.

It’s a good idea for parents to find out whom their kids are riding with in cars and ask if they have a friend, or a friend’s parent who smokes.

Talk to your kids about smoking and don’t forget about second hand smoke.

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