(WYTV)- Are you fighting high blood pressure or some heart disease?

Using a salt substitute can help. But some people can overdue it.

Overusing certain salt substitutes or alternatives can be dangerous for some people. They want to cut back on salt because they know it’s one of the best ways to lower the risk of heart disease.

“So salt increases our blood pressure, and high blood pressure is associated with a higher cardiovascular risk, so stroke for instance,” said Dr. Regis Fernandes of the Mayo Clinic.

It’s the sodium chloride in table salt that can be bad for your heart. What’s in a salt substitute?
The substitutes contain no sodium chloride, but they can have potassium chloride.

Too much potassium can harm your kidneys and for others cause gas and stomach pain. And salt substitutes may not work well with certain medications called ACE inhibitors.

So before turning to a salt substitute, if you feel you really have to get away from the real thing, talk to your doctor.