(WYTV)- The Panerathon is coming up in a couple of months, plan to run?

Then you’d better prepare. For running any long distance, take care of your feet.

There are some things you can do to avoid foot injuries, actually a lot. Podiatrists tell us that starting with the right running shoe is key.

“The shoe should be cushioned. It should have a heel flare to absorb shock in the heel area. you should have some cushion by the metatarsal, or the front part of the foot, so that that also is cushioned when you’re running. You want to make sure that the toe box area is big enough so that your foot slides just a little bit – the toes aren’t rubbing right into the shoe,” said Dr. Joy Rowland of the Cleveland Clinic.

Find a couple of good running shoes so you can rotate them if you’re serious about running.
And you can buy socks specifically made for running. If you get a blister, put some felt protectant over the area to provide more cushion.

And see a podiatrist if any swelling or bruising doesn’t go away with home remedies.