(WYTV)- A respiratory virus is out there and you’ll want to keep your young children protected from it.

It’s called respiratory syncytial virus or RSV.

Its common and it often spreads around this time of year. The good news is most children who get sick with RSV will be able to recover at home with supportive care.

“It’s a virus that causes typically cold-like symptoms in children and adults. But in younger children, can cause much more significant congestion and cough, high fevers, sometimes breathing and feeding difficulties and irritabilities,” said Dr. Kimberly Giuliano of the Cleveland Clinic.

Pain relievers for a fever and a vaporizer for congestion will help.

If that happens, get in touch with the pediatrician right away. RSV can be contagious and spread through the air and on surfaces everybody touches.

Wash your own hands and sanitize things such as car keys, door knobs and cell phones.