Len Rome’s Local Health: Risk of strokes in women


Some women don't realize the symptoms could be life-threatening and don't get the care they need in time

(WYTV) – During this Stroke Awareness Month, we want to talk about women and the risk of strokes.

It is always a medical emergency. The faster you get treatment, the better your chances are of recovering.

Some women don’t realize the symptoms could be life-threatening and don’t get the care they need in time.      

The risk factors for women are just about the same as they are for men, but pregnant women and women taking oral contraceptives should take care. They have an increased risk of stroke.

“Sometimes, particularly in younger women, the stroke symptoms are not recognized as quickly as we would hope that they would be,” said Dr. Maisha Robinson, Neurology Mayo Clinic.

The symptoms include trouble talking, walking or thinking, sudden vision changes, a sudden, severe headache or numbness or paralysis.

If symptoms appear, call 911, no matter how old you are.

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