Len Rome’s Local Health: Relief from sinus problems


Doctors have come up with a solution that doesn't require anesthesia or a long recovery

(WYTV) – How are your sinuses in the morning? Are you waking up with dry mouth or congestion? Maybe you’ve had trouble sleeping?

Until now, we’ve used medications, breathing strips or surgery on those with nasal problems, which is usually a blockage of some kind.

Now doctors can remove bone or tissue in the nasal cavity by applying a wand that targets energy toward the affected tissue. There’s no general anesthesia or long recovery.

“The procedure’s done in the office. It only takes a few minutes to perform, and patients can actually leave the office and go back to work or get on with their daily activities for that day,” Dr. Brad Otto said.

A little change in the physical structure can make a big difference in the way a patient breathes.

Unlike traditional treatments, such as medications or breathing strips, the results are permanent.

Ohio State University held some of the clinical trials on this technique and the FDA approved it.

It’s now available everywhere.

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