(WYTV)- It seems as though everything is pumpkin this and pumpkin that these days, and that’s okay.

Pumpkins are fun at Halloween and they’re really good for you.

Dietitians tell us that the pumpkin is a superfood. It is low-fat, low-calorie, and packed with plenty of nutrients. So go for it in bread, pancakes, and your favorite sauce.

“It’s gonna have more fiber, it’s gonna slow down that rate of digestion, so it’s gonna keep you fuller longer. it’s also going to stabilize the blood sugars because when we have fluctuations in our blood sugars that’s what causes those hunger cues to occur.”

Pumpkin is rich in potassium, which research suggests may help decrease blood pressure. Pumpkin contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which helps promote healthy skin. The orange skin of a pumpkin contains beta-carotene and the body converts it to vitamin A.

Vitamin A fights inflammation and is good for our eyes and immune health.