(WYTV)- Food safety is important for everybody, but especially if you’re expecting.

The hormone changes that a women undergoes during pregnancy can also change her immune system, making her more likely to come down with a foodborne illness.

A picnic, what fun! But be careful planning one of these backyard cookouts if you’re pregnant.

Doctors remind us that many foods we enjoy in the summertime carry an increased risk of listeria.

“Listeria is a type of bacteria that is usually transmitted through food and food products. It is especially a concern if you’re pregnant, if you’re elderly or if you have a weakened immune system for some reason,” said Dr. Nipunie Rajapaske of the Mayo Clinic.

A pregnant woman can pass on a listeria infection to the unborn baby. And that’s bad, it increases the risk of a stillbirth. Listeria can hide in deli meats, hot dogs, soft serve ice cream, even bagged salads or packaged salads.

When it comes to deli meats and hot dogs, make sure they are cooked to 165 degrees. And be sure to wash fruits and vegetables and just keep a listen for any reported outbreaks linked to certain foods.