(WYTV)- Do you like to cuddle up with your cat or dog while you sleep?

Maybe your parakeet? We’re going to hear from a sleep psychologist on whether that’s a good idea.

If you own a cat or dog it may be tempting to do this, have them in the same bed with you while you sleep, a source of comfort, a living alarm clock. But is that healthy to do?

“There’s no right or wrong answer for this. It really depends on your comfort as a human and your pet’s comfort and what’s best for them. And that might be a learning process when you first get your pet,” said Alicia Roth of the Cleveland Clinic.

Now, if your pet is constantly jumping up and down from the bed, making noises, or distracting you, it may not be a good idea to sleep with it. Don’t keep them there at the cost of your sleep. But if you and your animal friend have found a comfortable arrangement for sleeping, psychologists will most likely see no issue here.

But if your human partner doesn’t go for this, that could be an issue, best to talk it out and find a solution.