(WYTV)- The Centers for Disease Control tells us that ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.

What causes ovarian cancer?

Doctors don’t know for sure but there are some factors that can put a woman more at risk, such as age and genetics. Women who know ovarian cancer runs in their family should get genetic testing done.

“This is one cancer that has a bigger genetic component than most cancers. so, one in ten women with ovarian cancer, It’s because of something that you inherited from your family,” said D. Robert Bernardo of the Cleveland Clinic.

It’s also a difficult cancer to diagnose. It tends to be a cancer that creates symptoms, but they’re the symptoms that we all have, a fullness after eating, a little nausea, and bowel habits that change.
Women should tell their doctors about any symptoms that have been persistent for more than three weeks.

As far as treatment goes, there are different options available including chemotherapy and surgery. They all depend on the severity of the cancer.