Len Rome’s Local Health: Origins of coronavirus


Many health experts believe the virus came from an animal

(WYTV) – What do we know so far about this coronavirus that has come drifting out of China?

It popped up in one Chinese city in December after smoldering for several weeks.

Now, we are seeing more cases of coronavirus because we are aware of it and know how to test for it.

Many health experts believe the virus came from an animal.

“This is a virus that did not exist previous to December and what we think happened is that it jumped from an animal to a human, and this actually happens quite often and a lot of these new viruses usually start off as an animal virus and somehow, through mutation, what have you, becomes a human virus,” said Dr. Frank Esper, an infectious disease expert from the Cleveland Clinic.

We can test for the coronavirus by sampling the nose or throat, or in some cases, the lungs or by a blood test. We just have to be careful because it’s new to humans.

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