Len Rome’s Local Health: New hope for Alzheimer’s patients


The forced ultrasound procedure is done three times every other week

(WYTV) – A new procedure could mean new hope for Alzheimer’s patients.

That procedure treats it at the source of the problem, at least in its early stages.

Dr. Vibhor Krishna says doctors at The Ohio State University are using focused ultrasound to open what’s called the blood-brain barrier. That’s a layer of cells that protects the brain from infections in the blood.

He says for this treatment, doctors have to get past this barrier.

“Opening the blood-brain barrier allows us to access more of the brain tissue and be able to increase the effectiveness or bioavailability of the therapeutics.”

Alzheimer’s patients have a buildup of toxic proteins in their brains called amyloids.

The helmet delivers ultrasound waves that cause microscopic bubbles to expand and contract, opening the barrier. Opening this barrier may help clear amyloids from the brain and reverse Alzheimer’s.

The procedure is done three times every other week to allow the blood to clear those toxic proteins in the brain.

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