(WYTV)- We want to show you a new development in cancer treatments, a personalized treatment.

It’s got a long title: Chimeric antigen receptor-T cell therapy, also called CAR-T cell therapy.

This treatment is meant for those patients diagnosed with various lymphomas, essentially a cancer of your immune system. For patients who don’t respond to the usual treatments such as chemotherapy and antibody therapy, CART offers new hope.

“Prior to the advent of car-t cell therapy, patients who had failed two lines of chemotherapy had a very poor survival of around six months,” said Dr. Madiha Iqbal of the Mayo Clinic.

Undergoing CAR-T cell therapy can take a few weeks doctors first collect a patient’s T cells, which normally help fight off infections, and then genetically engineer them to target the lymphoma. After a low-dose of chemotherapy, doctors place the modified cells back into the patient which can then attack and destroy the lymphoma.

Patients who had a very poor prognosis can now potentially be cured of their lymphoma. The World Cancer Research Fund finds some 620 thousand new cases of lymphoma diagnosed worldwide every year.