(WYTV)- Are you older and do you like to take a nap in the daytime, just snooze away for a bit?

Don’t nap too long.

Here’s why.

A recent study found that older adults who regularly nap for more than an hour a day had a 40% higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Neurologists aren’t sure what’s behind this possible connection.

“I have seen in many of my patients with Alzheimer’s disease that do start to sleep more and they do tend to nap more during the day as their cognition declines. but I was surprised to see that napping actually perhaps promoted the appearance and the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Dylan Wint of the Cleveland Clinic.

Don’t panic. What matters is why someone may be napping for longer periods of time during the day. This person could have an undiagnosed sleeping disorder or just be bored.

If you do find the need to nap, make sure to keep it short, 45 minutes or less.

The study tracked data from more than 1,400 seniors over 14 years. The next step: Find out if less napping could help slow down cognitive decline.