(WYTV)- You’re a new mother and you’ve just spent the past nine months making sure you’re healthy as your baby develops.

So far, so good. What happens after delivery?

Maybe you should spend a little more time focusing on yourself. After childbirth, women can go through some difficult physical and emotional challenges. Moms can become very focused on taking care of their newborns and not worry about taking care of themselves, doctors say that’s not a good thing.

“Don’t corner yourself into all these positions where you have to feel perfect. There’s no perfect mom out there. If you’re taking good care of your baby, then you are a great mom,” said Dr. Megan Gray.

New mothers sometimes admit they feel overwhelmed with their new situation, or they’re depressed, or both. Seeing a doctor is critical if a mom thinks she might have postpartum anxiety. If that’s you, sometimes the best and most overlooked treatment is simply giving yourself a break as a new mom.

Doctors call this time after that first birth the 4th trimester. If new mothers to be go into it knowing what to expect and having a support plan, those will be a great help with postpartum care.