Len Rome’s Local Health: Men in the pandemic


The Cleveland Clinic asked men how they are coping

(WYTV) – How are men, specifically, doing with this pandemic? Does the pandemic got you down? Are you stressed?

The Cleveland Clinic asked men how they are coping, and found more than half feel isolated and are struggling to stay healthy. They’re putting on weight and avoiding going to the doctor.

Others are not so troubled.

“There are people that are living through this era that are actually doing better,” Dr. Frank Jevnikar said. “They’re connecting better with their families, they are taking timeouts and either going for walks or runs, and enjoying life a little bit more when they don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of everyday life as it used to be. And I think if we can all kind of role model that, just find some daily joy, I think we’ll be able to get through this a little bit easier.”

What you want to do is talk about that stress. Admit either to your loved ones or close friends that you’re struggling.

The survey shows more than half of men don’t expect the pandemic to end soon, but most say they’re still optimistic about the future.

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