(WYTV)- The warm weather is bringing many of us outside. It’s also the time for ticks that can bite us and give us Lyme disease.

The symptoms, at least the later ones, can include headaches, breathing issues, or even arthritis.

“The early symptoms are the ones where you may have the neck stiffness, the muscle aches, a low-grade fever, the change in appetite, that tends to be in that early phase where this tick has bitten us and put that bacteria into our skin,” said Dr. Dan Sullivan of the Cleveland Clinic.

The more serious complications include inflammation of the heart muscle, spinal cord swelling, or facial paralysis. Ticks like to hide in high grass, so keep your lawn mowed and hedges trimmed. When going off into the woods, cover up exposed skin.

You can also use an insect repellant containing “deet” to help protect exposed skin. If you find a tick, carefully remove it with tweezers and if bitten, watch for a small red spot that may develop into a distinctive bullseye rash.

If we catch it early, we can treat Lyme disease with antibiotics.