Len Rome’s Local Health: Keeping the kids safe during winter


The tips to keep your kids safe all winter long

(WYTV) — The weather hasn’t brought much snow yet, but winter is just getting started and kids love to play outside.

Whether it is sledding, skiing or snowboarding, parents are advised to have a basic winter safety plan.

A good place to start is with a helmet.

“If your child can’t ride a bike proficiently on two wheels, all right, then if they’re sledding you should probably put your child in a helmet, because they’re not going to be able to steer the sled,” said Dr. Richard So of the Cleveland Clinic. “The smaller the child, the more likely they’re going to crash, or if they’re walking around on a sledding, icy area they’re going to fall down and hit their head.”

When gloves get wet, it increases your child’s chances of developing frostbite. Check your child’s fingertips every 20 minutes to make sure their hands aren’t developing early signs of frostbite.

When the fingertips feel too cold, it’s time to go inside. If you suspect frostnip, or early frostbite, don’t put the skin under hot water; use tepid or warm water.

Anything painful, or if you see blisters or discolored skin, get to the ER right away.

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