(WYTV)- As we grow older, our joints can change.

Sometimes, this can lead to arthritis, and then we have pain in our knees and hips. We might have to replace it.

But who would need a joint replacement? You may think just about all of us but that’s not true. Doctors tell us that it’s not aging but our anatomy that will set some people on the road to an eventual knee or hip replacement.

“This is a perfect example. This is a patient who had a slip when they were very young. And see, there’s an abnormal shape to the femur. And this abnormal shape will cause damage of this affected bone into the socket that would lead to hip arthritis,” said Dr. Rafael Sierra of the Mayo Clinic

Joint replacements today are more successful than ever, thanks to precision robotic surgery.
The robots have their own navigation systems and we can use them to give you the best new knees and hips possible.

Joint replacements are not inevitable, but if they are in your case, know that precision will make it as easy as possible