Len Rome’s Local Health: Is your baby hard of hearing?


The baby does not have to jump or be startled during the test

(WYTV) – For years, our hospitals have been screening the hearing of newborn babies to help find those those with hearing problems.

An audiologist will step in to examine the newborn.

Babies starting at one day old will get hearing tests, two, in fact. Both are non-invasive and painless.

Joscelyn Martin, Au.D./Audiology/Mayo Clinic says for of every 1,000 babies born in the U.S., one will have some degree of hearing loss.

“Earlier identification of hearing loss leads to better outcomes for children, better speech and language outcomes, better educational, and better social, emotional outcomes,” said Dr. Martin.

The two screening tests can help identify them.

Both tests are slightly different but in each, the infant baby listens to certain sounds, such as clicks.

If the inner ear picks it up, it actually responds and our technology can measure it.

The baby does not have to jump or be startled or wave a hand saying, hey, mom, I heard that.

If the doctors find hearing loss, parents can decide what do to about a hearing aid, a cochlear implants or perhaps sign language.

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