Len Rome’s Local Health: Is surgery always right for you?


One dancer decided to hold off on surgery to just watch and wait

(WYTV) – We’ll get you fixed up right away — a little surgery and you’ll be on your way, good as new. How often have doctors told us this? Is it always the best answer?

Just as Allison Nilson picked up a dance scholarship to a college in Florida, her future in dance was suddenly not so steady.

Doctors said she had developed a rare blood vessel disorder called cavernoma, which can cause brain seizures.

Rabih Tawk, M.D./Neurologic Surgery from The Mayo Clinic, says¬†instead of surgery and with Alison’s OK, a specialist kept tabs on her in Jacksonville.

“Allison was a delightful patient, young patient who comes with her mom, who’s a nurse.”

Tawk said Allison was extremely anxious about her situation.

“Has the future in front of her and dealing with something like this.”

Allison has a lesion in a part of the brain that controls body movement, such as dance.

Surgery to remove it was an option but risky, so the doctors decided just to wait and watch with regular imaging.

Until that day comes when surgery is needed, Allison dances on.

The watchful waiting and screening goes on once a year.

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