Len Rome’s Local Health: How to wash your hands


(WYTV)- What is the one single thing you can do that’s easy to keep away the colds and flu this winter?

Wash your hands, and do it right.

Doctors call hand washing the heart and soul of keeping yourself and others safe and free from infections and that includes the coronavirus. Scrub for at least 20 seconds then rinse with warm water and dry with a clean towel. Another tip: pay extra attention to your nail beds.

“The bed of the nail is often where the germs can sit. So if you just do the surface of your hands like this, you’ll be clean but you’ll have bacteria and other germs around the back of your hands. It’s this right here, around the nails that you really have to make sure you get that scrubbing, good and soapy,” said Dr. Donald Ford of the Cleveland Clinic.

Don’t wash your hands and you risk getting sick and spreading germs to other people, surfaces and even food and drinks. The CDC says just washing our hands can do away with one in every five colds.

And do as Jim Loboy does: Keep moisturizing lotion nearby. He doesn’t let his hands dry out from from routinely washing them.

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