(WYTV)- It’s April, it’s warmer, and maybe your eyes are itching. your nosy is stuffy and you’re sneezing. These are allergy symptoms and you can relieve them.

You can start with over the counter antihistamines. Take them when symptoms first appear and you should feel better in a short time.

If your allergy is more severe, it may cause asthma and you could require an inhaler or different types of nasal sprays, perhaps pills or allergy shots.

“There are medications that can be prescribed and there can also be different types of immunotherapy-either sublingual, where we give you tablets under your tongue, or we can actually consider doing allergy shots that are so very effective for our patients,” said Dr. Sandra Hong of the Cleveland Clinic.

Right now, tree pollen will affect most allergy sufferers in addition to mold, pet dander and dust mites.
Some doctors already have their patients on a nasal steroid. They prescribe them as soon as the weather turns warmer.

They want to get ahead of the sniffles. If what you buy over the counter doesn’t really help, talk to your doctor and she may send you to an allergist.