(WYTV)- As we’ve mentioned recently, the Centers for Disease Control has found more cases of the coronavirus in the Mahoning and Shanango Valleys.

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and the symptoms you have are mild, there’s no reason you can’t just stay at home and wait it out.

Be sure to let your doctor know right away if you tested positive with an at-home test. You’re dealing with the coronavirus but you feel like you have a bad cold or the flu. Here’s the good news.

You should stay home for at least five days and isolate from others in your household during this time. You might have a fever, some chills, a sore throat and muscle pain. Get your rest, stay well hydrated, take a Tylenol for the fever. Medications, such as Paxlovid, are available for people with certain risk factors, so check with your doctor right away to see if you are eligible.

“Most cases of COVID-19 actually resolve without needing any kind of prescription medication or advanced care,” said Dr. Melanie Swift of the Mayo Clinic.

If you find that you’re having trouble breathing, that’s different, get help. Chest pain or pressure in the chest are other reasons to stop with the self-care and get to a doctor.