Len Rome’s Local Health: How is the coronavirus affecting your kids?


Tell the kids, this will pass and nothing lasts forever

(WYTV) – There’s no school right now, but there isn’t much of anything else either.

The virus restrictions have canceled or postponed countless activities and events, so naturally your kids are feeling down.

What’s a mom and dad to do?

Kate Eshleman, PsyD from The Cleveland Clinic says it’s important to check in with your kids right now.

“I think it’s important to ask the kids how they’re feeling about those things. We don’t want to assume that they’re experiencing distress related to one thing or the other. But it’s also okay to acknowledge their disappointment and validate their concerns.”

Put things into perspective for kids, explain that things could be worse, but also let them know it’s okay to be disappointed.

Find a distraction, or some other activity to keep them preoccupied.

And watch out for depression, a change in behavior, sleeping or eating habits.

Above all, tell the kids that this will pass. Nothing lasts forever.

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