(WYTV)- Have you tried going to one of those high-intensity exercise classes?

They’re popular, they can benefit you, but don’t hurt yourself.

We have an epidemic of obesity in this country so the exercise experts say that anything to get people moving can be helpful. What makes these fast moving programs popular?

“These classes are usually very motivating. They’re very social, and they involve very simple things, oftentimes just your body weight to get your heart rate up and receive benefit,” said Dr. Edward Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic.

But exercises that may involve jumping or something complex, can come with a higher risk of injury. So what’s the best way to avoid getting hurt?

First, tell your instructor if you have an injury. There may be some exercises and activities that you can modify and still take part in class. And how tired are you?

When you’re fatigued, your form tends to deteriorate, making you more liable to get hurt.

Keep this in mind: with strength training, technique is key. It’s not practice that makes perfect. It’s perfect practice.