Len Rome’s Local Health: Heart healthy benefits from brushing teeth


Frequent brushing can protect you from developing two common heart problems, atrial fibrillation and heart failure

(WYTV) – We have another reason you’ll want to brush your teeth more often besides preventing bad breath and tooth decay: it helps take care of of your heart.

A study from the Journal of Preventive Cardiology says frequent brushing can protect you from developing two common heart problems, atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

“Brush your teeth regularly, floss, do what the dentist says more than anything else. It’s always a good idea to see your dentist regularly as well. Get those regular teeth cleanings, particularly if you’re at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, including abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure,” said Dr. Luke Laffin, Cleveland Clinic.

What’s the connection? We know that cardiovascular disease is linked with inflammation in the body and your gums can be a source of that.

Along with a heart healthy diet, exercise and managing blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, it’s also important to keep your teeth healthy.  

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