Len Rome’s Local Health: Have you noticed the new nutrition labels on food?


The FDA just put these new guidelines in place as the new year began

(WYTV) – Flip over a newer food item and you’ll now see two columns, one for a ‘serving size’ and one for how much is in the whole container.

The Food and Drug Administration just put these new guidelines in place as the new year began.

Susan Albers, PsyD from The Cleveland Clinic says this can give us a more accurate reflection of what and how much we’re eating.

“Take a look at the serving size. This is very helpful so that when you take your serving out of the bag or the box, you know how much you are eating. You have a much better sense if you actually place it in a bowl and have some consistency to it.”

Many people may not realize they are actually eating two or maybe three serving sizes in one sitting. The types of fat in the product are now on the label.

Vitamin ‘D’ and potassium totals have been added, while listings for vitamins ‘C’ and ‘A’ have been dropped.

You’ll also find a new listing for ‘added sugars.’

You have to take the time to really read the labels to benefit from the changes; if they’re confusing or you struggle with an eating disorder, talk with a dietitian.

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