Len Rome’s Local Health: Have you had the flu?


The flu is a severe illness and you have to take it seriously

If you’ve never had the flu before, it can be easy to shrug off the warning signs.

But the flu is a severe illness and you have to take it seriously.

If you get the flu, you need to watch out for what doctors call a ‘two-cycle illness.’

Dr. Alan Taege of The Cleveland Clinic says that is when you start to feel better, but then become worse days later.

“The typical time course, if you will, from contracting true influenza to where people will get a secondary pneumonia is often a several day span, where, yes, indeed you go, ‘ah, I’m starting to get over this; I don’t ache so much, my temperature’s coming down, I’m starting to feel better,’ – and then suddenly you start coughing more and the fever goes back up.”

Your flu could be changing to bacterial pneumonia.

That’s very dangerous for children under two, people with compromised immune systems, pregnant women and adults over the age of 65.

If you even suspect you have the flu, call your doctor for the best advice.

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