Len Rome’s Local Health: Have you had an organ transplant?


Wear masks, stay six feet apart and wash your hands

(WYTV) – Doctors are still learning how the coronavirus affects certain people. Take transplant recipients whose immune systems are delicate.

24 year old Nick Hunter was born with cystic fibrosis and four years ago he had a double lung transplant.

Then the coronavirus put him in the Cleveland Clinic and his transplanted lungs really put him at risk.

Dr. Marie Budev from The Cleveland Clinic says his lungs were already extremely vulnerable.

“You have lungs already that are there that are very vulnerable and very, very sensitive to any sort of change, or any sort of insult.”

Nick Hunter, the transplant recipient, says, “I haven’t really said this out loud very much, but like, I could have passed away without saying goodbye to family, without them being there with me, thankfully that didn’t happen, it’s been something I’ve really tried to wrap my head around.”

Nick spent a week on the ventilator and today says take the virus seriously. Wear masks, stay six feet apart and wash your hands.

Nick’s youth and strength helped pull him through and his transplanted lungs seem fine. 

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