Len Rome’s Local Health: Have you gotten a prostate biopsy?


Doctors now have a new biopsy technique that cuts the risk of infection

(WYTV) – Finding prostate cancer early is the best chance for a treatment.

Doctors now have a new biopsy technique that cuts the risk of infection and helps pinpoint any potential cancer.

Nearly one million American men have prostate biopsies every year to diagnose cancer after their doctor finds something suspicious.

Julio Gundian, Jr., M.D. of Urology from The Mayo Clinic says it can come with risks.

“Most biopsies in this country are done with a transrectal ultrasound machine. The problem with this technique is that there is a risk of infection because the needle traverses the rectal wall and is exposed to fecal contamination.”

That doesn’t sound very pleasant, but this new way of performing a prostate biopsy reduces the chance of infection to nearly zero.

It’s an outpatient procedure that uses MRI and ultrasound, giving doctors a better view of the prostate.

The needle goes directly into the prostate, bypassing any chance of contamination.

The older procedure was called a blind technique, the doctor was just randomly obtaining tissue from the prostate.

This narrows it down and it’s easier on the patient.

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