Len Rome’s Local Health: Frozen shoulder


The lining that goes around the shoulder joint gets inflamed

(WYTV) – Ever have a stiff shoulder? Sometimes you might have pain that morphs into significant stiffness.

Now you have a frozen shoulder. Your shoulder feels tight and you can’t move it very well.

The lining that goes around the shoulder joint gets inflamed. Maybe you’ve injured it and over time, it thickens forming scar tissue.

“Frozen shoulder exists in three stages, and the symptoms and treatment options depend on which stage you’re in. So the first one is an inflammatory stage,” said Dr. Christopher Camp.

That’s the painful stage. Rest and steroid injections may help.

The second stage is when the shoulder is less painful but starts to stiffen. Physical therapy works well then.

The third phase is called thawing, which means it finally starts to relax, loosen up and you gain motion back again.

The problem may take six to 12 months to resolve…and if it doesn’t, surgery may be an option.

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