(WYTV)- We’re heading into the respiratory virus season so have you thought about your children?

Pediatricians tell us that getting the flu vaccine into them is important as well as when they get it.

Flu cases typically start ramping up in October and peak between December and February. So right now is a good time to get the flu vaccine, you and your child.

“Kids should get it, especially the ones that are 6 months to age 2 because they are at higher risk for more serious disease. And also, because kids have parents, they also bring lovely germs to their parents. So, just trying to reduce the rates of illness throughout the community. The more people who are immunized, the lower rates of flu we’ll have,” said Dr. Gina Robinson of the Cleveland Clinic.

Along with younger kids, children with chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma are more at risk of getting seriously sick from the flu. Make sure your kids wash their hands, and keep them home if they don’t feel well.