Len Rome’s Local Health: Does your child still need a flu shot if they’re learning remotely?


If your children aren't actually going to school this fall, you might think a flu shot isn't necessary -- but that's not the case

(WYTV) – With the flu season soon to be here, doctors want to make sure kids are vaccinated, especially since we’re also dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

What if your child isn’t going to school but is learning at home? Does he still need a shot?

If your children are learning remotely, you might think a flu shot isn’t necessary this year but that’s not the case.

“Just because your child is learning remotely doesn’t mean influenza is moving remotely,” said Dr. Frank Esper, with the Cleveland Clinic. “It is also still out in the community. It’s not just in the schools. It’s in stores, at parks and individuals around you. So we still expect influenza to continue to move from person-to-person and place-to-place.”

Getting a flu shot is especially important to help reduce the number of people who might have to go the hospital for it. Our health care system is already dealing with COVID-19.

Children ages 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine — either the shot or the nasal spray is acceptable. For those under 2 years old and over 50, the shot is recommended.

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