(WYTV)- If you have any young children or an older adult living with you, doctors say to see to it that they get a flu shot soon if they haven’t already.

They are more likely to get really sick if they do catch something.

And get one yourself, too, who needs a caregiver who’s sick?

You want to give your body time to create defenses against the flu, and you don’t want to spread the virus.

But remember, the vaccine doesn’t completely prevent illness.

“What it does is offer you protection against really serious complications: needing to go to the emergency department, needing to be admitted, going to the ICU or, in some serious situations, death,” said Dr. Angela Mattke of the Mayo Clinic.

Some kids six months to age eight may need two flu shots. It’s important to work with your pediatrician. If this is your infant’s first year eligible for a shot, give her two vaccines four weeks apart. Then there’s always the flu mist approved for people ages two to 49. Just remember, the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of death in children by more than 75%.

And a reminder about the timeline, get vaccinated well before the holidays because it takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to become fully effective.