Len Rome’s Local Health: Emotionally-charged parents in sports stands


A pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic says yelling at your young student athlete from the bleachers doesn't do anyone any good

(WYTV) – Many schools are once again offering some sports this fall despite the virus. That means parents will be back in the stands, watching and excited — and maybe sometimes acting stupidly.

Some parents feel winning is everything — no one likes a loser. But yelling at your young student athlete from the bleachers doesn’t do anyone any good.

Dr. Joe Austerman, a pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic, says to check your emotions — don’t get caught up in the moment.

“Be proactive. Think about, ‘Hey, listen. This is going to be a charged environment for me. I think I need to calm myself down and think about this first.’ And just thinking about it and putting some energy, knowing that you’re going to be in this charged environment, can actually help deescalate before things become a problem.”

Parents should use sports as an opportunity to focus on big-picture goals such as managing disappointment, and winning and losing with grace.

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