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Len Rome’s Local Health: Effectiveness of time-outs for kids


If you use time-outs, make sure you're also taking time to praise them when they are behaving

(WYTV) – How do you get your children to calm down? A recent study looked at how a time-out can affect children.

The results show that time-outs are OK. They’re not going to lead to depression, anxiety, aggression or lack of self-control.

Child psychologists have this advice: it’s best not to make them too long.

“If you are going to use time-outs and it’s something that works for your family, a good rule of thumb is to do one minute per year of age. So really, starting not much younger than one — 18 months would really be the youngest age we would recommend. And so a two-year-old would get two minutes time-out, and really at that age, it’s just really teaching them how to regulate their bodies,” said Dr. Emily Mudd from the Cleveland Clinic.

Just because a time-out works for one child, it does not mean it will work for another.

Children hear a lot of “do this” or “stop doing that” all day long, so if you use time-outs, make sure you’re also taking time to praise them when they are behaving.

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