Len Rome’s Local Health: Does being healthy make you happier?


It's easier to keep our brains worry-free when our bodies are in motion

A woman exercises to maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle.

(WYTV) – Are healthy people actually healthier people? According to one recent study, the answer is yes.

It’s easier to keep our brains worry-free when our bodies are in motion.

When we move, we release endorphins, dopamine and “good mood” chemicals. When we stop moving, it impacts our bodies and our brains in a negative way.

“We know that when we’re in motion, our brains are kind of quiet, and where do we go to upset ourselves? Usually to our own thoughts, and there’s even great research to say a body that’s in motion will be a little quieter in the brain and when we’re sitting still, we’re really engaged with our thoughts,” said psychologist Scott Bea from the Cleveland Clinic.

In the worst cases, people can develop what psychologists call “learned helplessness,” which is the voice that whispers to you, “No matter what I do, nothing changes.”

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