Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you run?


Training too hard year round can set you up for an injury

(WYTV) – We’re getting out, getting active again and starting a running routine is a great way to exercise by yourself.

But if you’re hitting the pavement for the first time, make sure you’re wearing the right pair of shoes, if you have to, see an expert before you buy.

Chris Travers from the Cleveland Clinic says that whether you’re a running newbie, or you just haven’t run in a while, ease into your mileage.

“I would start with a walking program first. Maybe walk for four minutes, run for a minute, walk for four minutes, run for a minute. I would start with looking at time over distance.”

If you’re a competitive runner and your race was canceled or postponed due to the virus, don’t give up on your training.

But don’t overdo it, training too hard year round can set you up for an injury. Be patient, there’s always another race coming up.

No, there is no Panerathon this year. Wait until next year for that.

Look forward to other races, but keep running, providing you don’t go too hard at it too soon.

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