Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you manage your screen time?


Children should not be spending more than a hour a day staring at a screen

(WYTV) – The American Medical Association says today’s toddlers are spending more time watching phones, tablets and TV than ever before.

Children should not be spending more than a hour a day staring at a screen.

Dr. Eva Love of The Cleveland Clinic says that they’re not interacting with other kids, not playing.

“79% of two-year-olds and 97% of three-year-olds actually exceed those guidelines. But, I think what’s also most striking, was that the most common variable between those two age groups, leading to excessive screen time, was actually maternal screen time use.”

That’s right, baby see, baby do.

The more mom was watching a screen, the more likely her toddler was, too.

Parents need to take a look at their media habits; keep in mind that from infancy through age five, children undergo very rapid brain development.

We live in a digital age and it’s impossible to avoid screens all-together, so come up with a plan that applies to everyone in the household in order to better manage their screen habits.

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