Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you know CPR?


Our heath tip this morning is not a piece of advice, unless it's to learn CPR

(WYTV) – This health tip is not a piece of advice unless it’s to learn CPR. Consider this a cautionary tale.

Fifty-year-old Jon Joestin Joestin and his wife, Lynda, were doing yard work when Jon suddenly collapsed from a heart attack.  

As Lynda frantically shouted for help, a cardiac nurse, Chelsea Kelly, was driving by. Kelly is a nurse at the The Cleveland Clinic.

“I pulled over to the side. I ran out. I said I’m a nurse. What happened? I felt for a pulse. I didn’t feel a pulse, so I immediately started compressions,” Kelly said.

Lynda thought her husband was gone, but suddenly she saw him breathe again.

“When she got there it was totally different. She said all of a sudden she could see him breathing again.”

Soon, a helicopter was rushing Jon to the Cleveland Clinic for an eight hour triple bypass surgery.

It might have never happened if it weren’t for Chelsea.

Jon is recovering well at home and has physical therapy three days a week.

He was able to attend his stepson’s wedding last  month.

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